An Open Letter To The Other Justin Keller In SF

I wanted to write a really brief response to the other Justin Keller who’s made my social media channels erupt with a lot of vitriol in defence of our city’s unsheltered and mentally ill after he wrote this blog post. I’m not one for soapboxing, I pretty much only use this blog to share music with my friends, and I have a lot of work to do today so I’m going to keep this super brief. Here goes:

(1) San Francisco’s homelessness problem predates you– by a lot.

After the 1906 earthquake 250,000, San Franciscans were made homeless. That’s nearly half of the population at that time. What do you do in a situation where a massive act of God takes away people’s homes? You get to work taking care of people who are unable to do it for themselves. This set the tone for our city’s response to homelessness for the next century– there are certainly times where it leads to uncomfortable situations like the ones you’ve had, but one of the things that’s made San Francisco great is the empathy a